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A bit about our amazing team and my dōTERRA journey

Debbie Bruce: Independent Wellness Advocate #2742494

Gold Team Leader
Holistic Health Coach
Education | Fitness | Wellness
Creating Empowered People
Live and Love in Abundance

About ME:
ō Mum of 3 kids 6years and under
ō Wife of a loving husband
ō Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist
and Natural Health Educator
ō Proud Networker

Things I LOVE:
ō Travel & Adventure
ō Family & Friendships
ō Dancing
ō Using & Sharing my Oils
ō Abundance in all areas of Life

Couldn’t go a day WITHOUT:
ō Chocolate
ō Music
ō Reading
ō Learning
ō Teaching

“As Director of Get Active Health Solutions (formerly known as Mums Get Active), I have always been pretty fit and healthy on the outside, however, my three small children seemed to be getting sick all of the time and I have been battling a host of mental and physical illnesses.
Feeling at a loss and constantly getting the run-around with our health in others’ hands, in late 2015, I decided to take on a more natural approach to healing our family and have never looked back. We all started seeing the results straight away and I’m so excited to now share this journey with you.
Are you ready to empower yourself and your family too?”

In June 2017, my team hit GOLD level with dōTERRA International! This means that I have lead 3 amazing individuals to Premier (and Free Oils for life) + 6 more wonderful friends to Executive level and nearly 450 like-minded legends on their way to being empowered for life as part of our oily community!

I am loving discovering all the ways I can use these oils to transform the way I heal myself, my husband and my children so I know you will just love them too! ❤

I have so many great success stories from helping say goodbye to my Mother-in-Law’s menopausal hot flashes with a personal blend, to putting an end to my 3 year old son’s 6 month long fever with peppermint oil and supporting my 6 year old daughter’s epilepsy condition with Frankincense, Copaiba and Rose plus much, much more…

With their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils sourced from each plant’s indigenous land, using ethical and sustainable farming methods and supporting local farmers, there is not a thing that you won’t love about dōTERRA. I’m sure you will fall in love with their healing properties and you will be saying “I have an oil for that” in no time!


Our Upcoming Classes

RSVP today and come along to any of our planned classes or gather some friends together and BOOK A CLASS at your home or workplace. 4-7 guests is the ideal for home classes, although we can cater for up to 100 in your corporate environment. Everyone who attends receives a Free Sample and loads of resources and information. It’s a great way to get together and learn some helpful health tips with your friends or colleagues.

INFO CLASSES currently cover topics such as (but not limited to):

Mums and Bubs Natural Health – covers all the essentials for mum and bub in the first few years of motherhood.

Natural Solutions – learn natural solutions and health remedies to transform your health all year round. Includes information about the Top 10 oils, plus supplements and other helpful remedies to lower the toxic load in your home.

Creating Balance– learn to de-stress with essential oils.

Top 10 Essential Oils– a brief class that covers the most important oils everyone should have in their home.

Introduction to using Essential Oils– covers basic safety info, dilution and modes of using essential oils along with a brief introduction to the top 10 oils for the home.

Essential Oils for Health & Fitness – covers the same as the intro class with added content on the topic of fitness and sports usage.

Winter Wellness- In this class, we cover a range of natural remedies for ailments usually occurring during the colder months of the year.

Email me to book today: [email protected]


About dōTERRA and our AMAZING Memberships

If you have already tried one of my samples or bought an individual oil and know you are ready to start your own journey towards more Health and Wellness, here are the up to date dōTERRA Australia Local Enrolment Kits that already include the Enrolment fee ($35):


This ENROLMENT is for a 12 MONTH WHOLESALE PRICE ACCESS ACCOUNT and enables you to get 25% OFF all purchases for the next 12 months!

Re-enrolment is only $25/year after that and each time you receive a free Peppermint oil valued at $27.33! Unreal deal!

Along with the 25% discount, there are many other benefits from ordering through the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) which can see you getting an EXTRA 10-30% BACK IN POINTS to spend on products over the first 13 months. After 13 months, points rewards stay at a 30% return for as long as you stay in the program!

The LRP program is by far the most effective way to start getting FREE oils with their points for product system.

For example: 2000 Woolworths points = $10  OR  2000 dōTERRA points = $1000+ in products!!

Join Our Tribe


ō – Go to: http://www.mydoterra.com/getactive
ō – Click “JOIN & SAVE”
ō – CHOOSE your country for shipping.
ō – click LOCAL (OTG) ORDER (Australian Local Warehouse).
ō – fill in YOUR DETAILS
ō – select a KIT –OR– MEMBERSHIP and the OILS you like.

ō – Nature’s Solution Kit ✔
ō – Home Essentials Kit ✔*
ō – Essential Collection Kit ✔*

*Recommended Add-ons:

  1. Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut Oil
  2. Essential Collection Kit + Fractionated Coconut Oil + Petal Diffuser


ō – SAVE 25% Off Retail.
ō – No Minimum Order.
ō – No Monthly Order Required.
ō – My Support & Welcome Pack.

ō – Entry to our Private Facebook Support Group
ō – Option to Receive FREE Product Points on Purchases.
ō – Eligibility to Receive FREE Product of the Month.
ō – Ability to Earn

NOTE: $35 Membership fee applies for Wholesale Accounts or FREE when you order an 🌟’Enrolment’ Kit’

————— OR —————-

ō – Click “Shop” (Above).
ō – Select The Oils You Like.
ō – Pay Retail Price at Checkout.
ō – Ship To Your Door.

Any questions about JOINING OUR TEAM, please send your inquiries to my email: [email protected]

I’ve Enrolled, Now What?

If you are local to the Shellharbour NSW area and can make it to one of my CLASSES, you will pick up lots of hints and tips which can be really beneficial to learn all about the oils that will support your health needs and help you to get the most out of your account.

Once you have enrolled with your own discount membership and are linked to our tribe, I will personally help you get started with a DAILY ROUTINE, which we will go through in a PERSONAL WELLNESS CONSULT.

These Wellness Consults can be done in person or over the phone with me and are really helpful to set you off on the right foot with safety, dilution tips, blending ideas and and I will show you how to make the ordering process simple so you get the most Free Stuff out of your membership!

You will also receive a Welcome email from dōTERRA and a Welcome Email from me. The one from me contains HEAPS of helpful online sites like where to order rollers and great places to do more research.

I have a BRAND NEW welcome kit that I am giving to all of my personal enrolments with a heap of helpful items to enjoy when you are just getting started, plus handouts of all the important information like safety and  diffuser blends. I hope you enjoy my getting started kit as much as I enjoy putting them together!

Don’t forget to join our Tribe only Facebook Page “Get Active Health Solutions – Tribe” for all the members only giveaways, classes and account information.


Free Ōils For Life

There are also business opportunities with UNPARALLELED commissions available for those who really want to take it to the next level and Share the love of oils with the World as part of a growing and supportive tribe of like-minded people with Get Active Health Solutions.

Never say never!

Most people start using the oils and supplements to achieve better health for themselves and their family and then after seeing the results, want to start telling everyone about it!! Please let me know if this sounds like you, so I can help you with the best tried and tested ways to do that. Or alternatively, request to join our Diamond Leaders FB group and come along to our Monthly Business Training.

Can’t wait to see you start your own journey with these amazing oils!