My dōTERRA Journey

My dōTERRA Journey

“As Director of Get Active Health Solutions (formerly known as Mums Get Active), I have always been pretty fit and healthy on the outside, however, my three small children seemed to be getting sick all of the time and I have been battling a host of mental and physical illnesses. Feeling at a loss and constantly getting the run-around with our health in others’ hands, in late 2015, I decided to take on a more natural approach to healing our family and have never looked back. We all started seeing the results straight away and I’m so excited to now share this journey with you. Are you ready to empower yourself and your family too?”

In June 2017, my team hit GOLD level with dōTERRA International! This means that I have lead 3 amazing individuals to Premier (and Free Oils for life) + 6 more wonderful friends to Executive level and nearly 800 like-minded legends on their way to being empowered for life as part of our oily community!

I am loving discovering all the ways I can use these oils to transform the way I heal myself, my husband and my children so I know you will just love them too! 

With their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils sourced from each plant’s indigenous land, using ethical and sustainable farming methods and supporting local farmers, there is not a thing that you won’t love about dōTERRA. I’m sure you will fall in love with their healing properties and you will be saying “I have an oil for that” in no time!

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