Pelvic Floor Exercise

Pelvic Floor Exercise

I am a fully qualified Pelvic Floor Exercise Facilitator and over the past 4 years have helped many women gain control of their pelvic floor muscles and therefore their dignity and integrity back.

Pelvic floor dysfunction affects approximately 1/5 of our entire population! It absolutely astounds me that there is not more education around for something that is such a common issue.

I can help!

Through my sessions, I cover anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor, how to correctly switch on the muscles of the pelvic floor and how to utilise the muscles throughout everyday activities.

Training with me will take you on a journey, adding more education each session and finishing with a full program of functional exercises so that you will have the ability to maintain pelvic floor function whilst using any other muscle in your body.

Highly recommended for all women regardless of age and stage of life. Pregnant and nursing mothers are encouraged to participate and modifications will be made accordingly.

Choose your adventure

I offer 5 week courses for 5+ women @ $50 per participant. These courses can be held at The Illawarra Women’s Health Centre in Warilla NSW or at a venue of your choosing. I have no current courses for the rest of this year but I am open to booking one if you have a group of women that are interested.

Alternatively, I run personal pelvic floor courses. These are 1:1 and there are only 3 x 30min sessions.

Cost for this personal training is $110 for the 3 sessions. Choose 30min PT on my booking page

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