Personal Training

Personal Training/Consulting

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2008 and have had the pleasure of training men and women for marathons, adults and children with disabilities, those that are recovering from injuries or operations and men and women who want to fine tune their physique, maximize their musculature and increase their overall fitness levels.

I have had 3 children all via caesarean section between 2011-2013 and have been able to regain my fitness and strength levels to be able to compete in various fitness events and ran two half marathons in 2015. All while cooking every meal from scratch and working our way through a multitude of serious illnesses that my kids have endured over the years. I’m a very down to Earth woman – I’m certainly no superwoman! Fitness for me has greatly helped my mental health to be able to keep up with the demands of motherhood and good nutrition has been extremely important to us as a family to weed out intolerance induced inflammation, keep energy and immune systems up and maintain overall health as much as possible.

Proving it is never too late to achieve the weight loss you have been after, my own mother at 65 years of age, lost 30 kilograms in 9 months with my help. I am so proud of her effort! Now she is able to enjoy a quality of life and health she never thought possible at her age and has been able to cut out a lot of the medication she was taking due to weight related health concerns.


Weight Loss Consultations – $149 for approx. 75mins.

During the initial consultation we will do goal setting, talk about your history with regard to nutrition and fitness, medical history and weekly commitments (this will help me to plan a realistic program for you). We will go through food lists and highlight all of the foods that you would eat (this makes planning your meals so specific to you). You will also do a small fitness assessment which will help me to plan your exercise program,including measurements and “before” photos if you want them.

Within 3days you will receive via email, a 4 week meal plan – this is every meal organised for you including tips and hints and a shopping list for each week. You will also receive a 4 week exercise program specifically designed to help you achieve the goals you are after.

It is recommended that you have these plans revised after 3-4 weeks during a consult and any changes can be made and obstacles eliminated before your second month starts.This ensures maximum success! In this subsequent consult, we will do measurements (and photos if requested),a fitness re-assessment, nutrition and exercise program re-assessment and corrections of technique of any of the exercises in the program. This follow up consult costs $80 for approx. 30mins and all revised plans will be emailed to you within 3 days of consult.

*These sessions can be done in person or over the phone/skype by appointment.

Personal Training Sessions – $45/30mins and $80/60mins.

These sessions include goal setting, monthly fitness assessments and measurements + tailored exercise programming conducted 1:1 to get to your goals faster.

Small group PT is also available for 2-4 people together. Cost is $100/60mins split between number of participants.

* All PT includes the above mentioned components.
10% discount given on bulk payments of 10+ sessions.

*These sessions are all conducted at our Barrack Heights studio by appointment.


Personal Integrative Health Coaching Sessions – $80/60mins

We will go through over your current lifestyle and talk about your health goals. I will give my professional opinion and recommendations on how you will reach those goals using a holistic approach. Most will receive a detailed daily routine and tips on nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle factors that may need attention to reach the specified goals.

I use dōTERRA Essential Oils and supplements, fitness & movement, wholefoods nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching in balance to assist my clients in achieving their goals in a well-rounded way.

*These sessions can be done in person or over the phone/Skype by appointment.

We appreciate 24hrs notice if you can not make an appointment or full fees may apply.